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What is Abtrac

Abtrac is a fully cloud based Project Management and Invoicing system for professionals who need real time Job Management Software.

A key indicator is Abtrac clients have long term contracts with their clients (as opposed to tradies who may do 4 jobs in a day). These contracts will typically be broken down into Stages or Phases which are also sometimes called Tasks. 

A second indicator of Abtrac being suitable for a client is the client has no inventory to manage.

Our clients don’t manufacture anything, nor do they sell anything other than their time and expertise. They do have the concept of ‘Disbursements’ but these are miscellaneous items like travel and accommodation costs, printing, fees paid on behalf and other ‘out of pocket’ expenses incidental to the fees earned from their time billing.

The success of the business is reliant on each employee being gainfully productive and each project coming in on or near budget. With often big money involved, Abtrac’s strength is in the management of the financial progress of each project and the productivity of each employee.

At the lowest level this is done by recording each employee’s time at their respective rate against each job and stage. Extensive dashboard and formal reports, coupled with email alerts that can be sent to project managers and office administrators as budget thresholds are exceeded ensure that by the time the fee budget is nearing 100% consumed, the stage itself is also nearing 100% complete. 

Invoices can be fixed fee, hourly rate, percentage claim and more. Our web site features a gallery of screen grabs and invoice layout samples https://www.abtrac.com/gallery

Abtrac integrates with a range of popular accounting packages used in the Australasian market. We are Auckland based, with an office in Sydney.

Who uses Abtrac

Abtrac is all about identifying and managing how the business earns its revenue, because by the time it hits the accounting system, what has happened is already history and cannot be undone.

The people working in an Abtrac office are usually all degree qualified in disciplines such as geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, in fact any consulting engineering. We have an equal number of architects, cost estimators, designers, planners, project managers, surveyors, and other professionals in the AEC space. We also have PR Agencies and many other businesses who earn their revenue by selling their time on long term projects.

An Abtrac client is tracking everything by their clients, including projects, stages, budgets, subconsultants, time and cost recording, work scheduling, and invoice generation. Invoicing in particular can be the bane of their lives with industry standards and client demands requiring invoices no other system can deliver. 

What support is offered

An Abtrac subscription covers free telephone and email support for every employee in a site with a current subscription. Much support is done remotely, logging in to see and show exactly what they want to achieve with Abtrac.

Can anyone trial Abtrac

Absolutely, we have a free 30 day trial and if you choose to continue with Abtrac we can simply convert this to your live site at your request, so you won’t lose any of your data. You also have the option of starting with a brand new clean site if you don’t want any of your trial data. https://www.abtrac.com

What’s the cost

We often joke that Abtrac doesn’t cost. It saves! And that’s the truth. Any business in our niche can exceed a budget on a single job by much more than ten thousand dollars in a month if they aren’t right on top of every project and managing the work each employee has to do. At a rate of $250 per hour that’s only one employees work for a week. The same money ($10,000) is enough to cover their Abtrac subscriptions for years in an office of 30 staff.

Subscriptions are charged on the basis of Current Employees each month. There are no fixed contracts. Pricing is on our web site https://www.abtrac.com/pricing

We do appreciate your time reading this and hope it can help answer any questions you have about Abtrac and what we can do for your clients. If you have any further questions or would like to see a demonstration of Abtrac then please feel free to contact us via our web site. We will be very happy to respond.


There is workflow software and then there is Abtrac. If you have clients how manage projects with milestones, project costing and progress payments then you need to talk to Ed & Pam at Abtrac. I've sat with clients who have discovered $100's of thousands of dollars of overspend that they just thought was normal. I've seen companies regain time by having better insight to their teams activities … and that's just the technology. Ed & Pam work so hard to ensure their customers are supported, they are true business support and partners for you and your clients.
Keran | 27/03/2019
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