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Calxa saves time for Businesses, Not-For-Profits and Accountants by automating budgeting, cash flow forecasting and KPIs, intelligently.



Linking to popular accounting systems like MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks Online is seamless. Regular sync will import your latest account structure, job list and actuals.



120+ report templates and pre-built report bundle kits will get you started in just minutes. For more complex needs, re-arrange the account structure and customise the reports to suit your needs.

Calxa Dashboard



Deliver regular budget vs actual comparisons. You can import your spreadsheet budgets, create your own or sync the existing accounting system budgets. Find a wide range of report templates to suit your clients.


Cash Flow Forecasting

Flexible Reporting: Cashflow Forecasts: Calxa takes the hard work out of predicting the timing of payments and receipts by analysing your current average Creditor and Debtor Days. Just add Balance Sheet and P&L budgets to create a 3-Way Forecast.

Cash Flow Forecast by Calxa



Add default KPIs to your standard management reports. Use the powerful KPI builder to create custom KPIs and non-financial metrics.


Group Consolidations

Create an aggregate view of financial performance across multiple companies, branches or franchises. Display combined profit & loss, balances sheet and cash flow forecast reports.


For Not-for-Profits

Calxa is a leader in the not-for-profit sector. Use unspent budgets to manage programs, easily acquit funding grants and deliver board reports for transparency and good governance. For MYOB AccountRight users, the NDIA Bulk Uploads feature helps save time with payment claims.

Unspent Budget Report by Calxa


For Bookkeepers

The ability to automate client management reports and use them to start a conversation that will help you add value to your clients.



Calxa works with Bookkeepers around Australia and has fostered a close partnership with ICB since 2010. ICB Members are offered a 20% discount – contact the Calxa Team for more information.

“It’s like air-conditioning. Once you had it, you can’t go without.”

Michelle Brown – Oakleaf Bookkeeping Services

  • Calxa Reporting Dashboard


Calxa did everything we needed for our NFP. Reporting and budgets were a breeze. | 27/08/2019
Calxa is an amazing product that provides exceptional budgeting and reporting for our clients. I particularly like that there can be several versions of budgets and the ability to show GL codes in different areas depending on the requirements of the client and their funding bodies. Calxa service is exceptional. Would definitely recommend their product for any business looking for cashflow and budget reporting.
Tan2907 | 17/07/2019
I've been using and recommending CALXA to clients (formerly Money Manager), since the early 2000's. It was the most innovative Small Business "addon" of it's time (in my opinion) and remains that way, to this day. Meets every need in every way, when it comes to Budgeting and Cashflow reporting (plus much more). Never disappoints. | 16/07/2019
Great product. Many business owners only look at the past accounting position. It is important to look at where you are now, how you are going and where you want to be. Cashflow analysis and budgeting is crucial to this and this is the best product I know for it and the one I recommend to my clients.
David | 16/07/2019
Calxa takes reporting to the next level, plus with forecasting tools, KPIs and other great features it is a great tool to add-on to your accounting software. Whilst ideal for the NFP sector, businesses wanting better presented information will find this great add-on saves time and well worth the investment. When delivering training on this product, I am reminded of how easy it is to link to your accounting software and the great value this product provides!
AMC Training Centre | 16/07/2019
This fabulous product has been our saviour for many years! Can't imagine life without the benefits of cash flow forecasting and budgeting that Calxa provides!
Kerrie Smith | 16/07/2019
Calxa service is way above any of the others I tested. When I needed help, Mick was there. My clients are over the moon with the professionalism of the reports. Perfect to take to meetings with investors. Great success to present reports with all of the required information to secure an investor. This fills in the gaps of the accounting programs. Expect accounting programs to keep your accounts, expect reporting programs to make sense of the figures in the accounting programs. Love it Ivy Small office Services 0417 510 636
Small Office Services | 16/07/2019
An in-depth solution providing clarity and insights to assist the bookkeeper to advise clients appropriately. Any questions are dealt with promptly ensuring a seamless relationship. Partner pricing makes this a very competitive option.
Directm | 16/07/2019
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