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Promis enables Businesses to send and receive e-invoices directly inside their accounting system eliminating manual data entry and the potential for errors or missing invoices.

What is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing is an automated direct exchange of invoices between accounting software systems, removing the need for manual invoice creation and paper and PDF invoices. The uptake of e-invoicing by businesses and governments around the world is changing the entire Accounts Payable / Receivable process. 

E-invoicing provides many benefits including:

  • Significantly reduces the cost compared with manual data entry
  • Removes possibility of introduced errors & translation mistakes between software systems
  • Reduces payment mistakes, delays and eliminates lost invoices
  • Provides ultimate security with end to end encryption
  • And guarantees 5-day payment on selected government accounts.

Promis connectivityWhile other programs merely help digitise basic paperwork, Promis enables your clients to create, send and track e-invoices directly between accounting platforms, using raw data for total accuracy and security.

Promis enables your client to receive e-invoices directly inside their accounting software. We attach the original supplier pdf, so they have ATO compliant document storage. For every supplier, we check the official register to make sure they are GST registered, so that the business always claims valid GST.

Suppliers don’t have to change their processes at all. They just connect to Promis and send invoices out of their own accounting system as per usual.

Why Promis?

  • With Promis you can connect between different accounting platforms, so you are connected to your clients and suppliers regardless of their software type.
  • Similar to the ‘single ledger’ concept, the Bookkeeping Overview page shows all outstanding e-invoices in one place, regardless of which software they reside in. No need to shuffle between different entities or software packages any more.
  • Receivers of e-invoices will experience dramatically reduced AP processing time thanks to Promis automatically adding incoming invoices to their accounting software.
  • For suppliers, there is an integrated payment option that matches payments to multiple invoices saving time in reconciliation.
  • All invoices are sent as e-invoices so you don’t have to manually select that as an option. With Promis you can “Set & forget.”


As an ICB member you receive 12 months usage of Promis free of charge – so you can really try it out first.

For more information visit or call one of our sales consultants on 07 5334 1227.


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