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Save hours with AI Audit & Process Automation

XBert is the smarter way to power through your bookkeeping. Use AI audit and process automation to take control of your Xero files in minutes. XBert uses the latest in data science and machine learning to detect patterns, anomalies and errors, ensuring accurate data for smarter decisions and advice.

XBert analyses your data hourly and alerts you to risks before you know the risks exist!

XBert is a low-cost and easy-to-use and unique Xero add-on. In minutes, you can be up and running with two years of data at your fingertips and the visibility over workflow status, team workload and advisory clients you always wanted.

XBert is a low-cost and easy-to-use Xero add-on that identifies patterns and automates the detection of anomalies and errors in your cloud accounting data. XBert does all the hard work for you and helps you stay a step ahead. 

Since our solution is web-based, you can access XBert on any enabled device, anytime and anywhere.


Top 3 finalist for Emerging App of the Year – Xero Awards Australia 2019

Top 5 finalist for Best Data-Driven Startup – Australasian Startup Awards 2019

5-Star Reviews on the ICB and Xero App Marketplaces


Expert Business Alerts – Your XBerts

You’ll save hours and can forget manual checks and wasteful tasks! XBert’s sophisticated algorithms, predictive analytics and machine learning perform these checks for you.

Our extensive system alerts you to:

  • Duplicate invoices, bills and contacts
  • Payment to a supplier not registered for GST; Accounts payable process not followed; Incorrect business name for an ABN; Unpaid income with a cancelled business; Registration for GST required; Donation to a non-DGR entity
  • Overdue invoice or bill outside normal behaviour
  • Unusual monthly invoicing or billing
  • Different account name detected for an income or expense transaction
  • Missing supplier payment
  • Lock dates not set or changed
  • Manual adjustment of Profit and Loss
  • Contact bank account has changed or is the same as an existing supplier
  • plus so many more

XBert scans and unlocks information from bills, invoices and other attachments in Xero and any associated data, including imports from automated reader apps. Attachment parsing enhances our XBerts and provides an extra level of protection.

Resolve XBerts in a flash using direct links to Xero and ensure the highest data quality for accurate and up-to-date reports. We also have Xero browser extensions that cross-check your XBerts and tasks, alerting you to any issues associated with an entry while you work!

XBert CONNECT for bookkeepers

The XBert CONNECT portal is perfect for managing a busy bookkeeping practice efficiently. Set up customised processes to streamline your common workflows with our Template Tasks, then map XBerts and tasks for complete visibility over your team, outsourced team and clients.

Our Template Tasks standardise your processes and ensure consistency of your service offerings across your clients or linked organisations and make working with clients and accountants fast and simple. 

Kick-start your day and prioritise work with CONNECT’s AI-driven Process Status and Team View dashboards that display your XBerts and tasks for each reporting period or deadline. At a glance, you know what areas need attention, what to do and when to do it.

Invite your internal team to CONNECT, match their Xero permissions for linked organisations and assign a client to a team member to manage. You can invite clients and fellow advisors and assign them XBerts and tasks, giving them access to these items only.

Setting up an XBert CONNECT account is quick and easy. Sign up, and sync your first Xero file, as you add more files, the organisations appear on your CONNECT dashboards. 

For more detail on how you can easily manage bookkeeping workflow with XBert CONNECT, please read this blog post.

Effective collaboration

Get things done quickly with XBert’s range of collaboration tools including activity feeds, Team Chat, real-time notifications, creating tasks directly from emails, and integration with leading CRM HubSpot for nurturing of client relationships. Keep discussion in one place with full activity history on each item. Assign XBerts and tasks, set deadlines and track the work.

Peace of mind and smarter business

XBert audits Xero data hourly and ensures any potential financial risks, errors and anomalies are found before it’s too late, and money is gone for good.

Powerful, visual snapshots and charts also update hourly and show the business’ health at any time. You can use these up-to-date insights to trigger meaningful conversations with clients and help them make informed decisions

With XBert, you can manage your clients’ financial risk, streamline bookkeeping processes, improve productivity, and have better data integrity. 

XBert is the accounting software add-on that helps you be even better, assists with compliance and lets you understand patterns. 

Step Ahead Partner Program

Our Step Ahead Partner Program is a unique, onboarding program designed for bookkeepers. The program is a high engagement model where we work together to implement XBert CONNECT specifically for your practice and client base. We help set up customised process management flows and have catch-ups to ensure you’re getting the efficiencies you need and meeting your goals. 

To request more information, please email us at partnerprogram@xbert.io and tell us a little about yourself and your practice, team and clients.

Start a FREE trial now!

Sign up, sync your Xero data and in just a few minutes XBert will have analysed your data and you’ll know the potential dollars at risk and what those risks are.  Read our guide on how to set up your CONNECT  account by selecting the MULTIPLE – CONNECT PORTAL when choosing the account type option.

*At the moment XBert integrates with Xero, but MYOB, QuickBooks and other accounting software integrations are coming soon. If you don’t use Xero or use Xero and other software together, you can still add organisations to XBert and include them in your process workflows so you never miss a deadline! 

For now, you won’t receive XBert alerts, but we’ll let you when our MYOB, QuickBooks and other software data integrations are ready.

  • XBert risk alerts and task management to streamline bookkeeping processes and save money.
  • XBert CONNECT's AI-Powered Process Status dashboard to efficient manage bookkeeping processes and practice workflows.


I love working with XBert. I immediately saw enormous value, so I incorporated it into my monthly service package to clients. XBert will make a huge, positive difference to my industry and small businesses like myself and my clients. Compliance will never go away, and XBert alerts us to ABN issues, unusual spending and other associated risks so we can fix these straight away. Being a 100% cloud-based business, I wanted an AI solution to give assurance to the work we do. XBert gives me the confidence that the bookkeeping is spot on. The AI alerts and automated audits have already led to a 30% productivity increase, and I know that will be higher once we fully implement XBert's process workflows. XBert is like an extra team member you really don't want to lose!
South Coast Bookkeeping | 30/06/2020
We have trialled this product for 3 months and highly recommend it. The benefits we have found includes increased productivity, higher data integrity in client files and increased job satisfaction for the Senior staff.
Diane McCaffrey | 28/01/2020
I love this product. I especially love how it constantly monitors the ABN connected to transactions against the ABN registar to make sure GST is claimed only when the supplier is registered. That is a big time saver as a bookkeeper. I love the potential savings diagram to show our clients how much money Xbert is saving them by picking up risks and errors that might not otherwise be seen. It even has a mobile phone app for our clients to login to simply see their 'snapshots' of the profit and loss, which debtors should be chased up, current liabilities to the ATO, weekly earn and burn rates, balance of the bank accounts and more. It is easy for them to understand and has many more features for us as bookkeepers to keep their books in tip-top shape. Thanks XBert!
somersetbkg | 27/09/2019
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